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The architectural concept of the complex involves two buildings – the facade building, which was built in 1900 and fully renovated in 2010, as well as the newly built internal structure.

The facade building has nine family apartments, two studio apartments and two mansard studio apartments with open terraces. The internal building has 24 modern open-plan flats, including six with terraces. The buildings are connected by a platform that is of an original structure and also serves as the inner courtyard of the building.

A special element of these buildings is that they have an infrastructure that is absolutely perfect for their residents – 24/7 security, concierge services, club facilities for various events, a fitness centre, a fully automated car park, room for bicycles and motorcycles, as well as a delicatessen.

The flats have individual ventilation and heating systems, large ancillary rooms, the possibility of full interior finishing, and re-planning of the design in accordance with the buyer’s desires. The floor space of the flats is between 50 and 450 m2.

There are 6 apartments available for sale in the new built house:

1.Ap.Nr.15–2nd/3rd floor 2 bedrooms 145.40 m2–654 202 EUR;
2.Ap.Nr.16–2nd/3rd floor 5 bedrooms 225.0 m2–945 000 EUR;
3.Ap.Nr. 17–2nd/3rd floor 2 bedrooms 89.7 m2–376 740 EUR;
4.Ap.Nr. 32-5th/6th/7th floor, 5 bedrooms, 202.8 m2-907 515 EUR (white finishing); 
5.Ap.Nr. 33–5th/6th/7th floor; 3 bedrooms 128.1 m2–583 840 EUR (white finishing); 
6.Ap.Nr. 35-6th/7th floor; 3 bedrooms, 194.6 m2-978 975 EUR;

There are 6 apartments available for sale in the facade building:

1st floor - Ap. Nr. 1 - 199.6 m2 -4500 EUR/m2 – 898 200 EUR;
1st floor - Ap. Nr. 2 - 197.7 m2 -4500 EUR/m2 – 889 650 EUR;
3rd floor - Ap. Nr. 13- 67.8 m2 - 4200 EUR/m2 – 284 760 EUR;
3rd floor - Ap. Nr. 14- 66.7 m2 - 4200 EUR/m2 - 280 140 EUR;
5th floor - Ap. Nr. 9 - 209.7m2 - 4700 EUR/m2 - 985 590 EUR;
5th floor - Ap. Nr. 10 -229.5m2 -4700 EUR/m2 - 1 078 650 EUR.

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The buildings are in the prestigious embassy district of Rīga, near the Ring of Boulevards, Old Rīga, the dock for passenger ships and the Rīga Yacht Club.  Nearly all of Rīga’s major entertainment, social and cultural institutions are a short walk from the Aleksandra Apartments.  A 20-minute drive will get you to the seashore town of Jūrmala and to the Rīga International Airport.

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