Additional services

Our services will save your time and money spent for property management.

IdealProperty сompany offers a wide range of optional services.
To our clients who have invested into real estate in Latvia we offer property management services including:
 ·    repair works;
 ·    furnishing and design;
 ·    hiring out;
 ·    conclusion and renewal of agreements with utility service providers;
 ·    supervision of service providers;
 ·    legal support;
 ·    supervision of property condition.
Real estate management is a scope of measures for premises maintenance including any kind of technical support, also cleaning-up and security services of property.
 ·    Protection and upholding of interests of the owner of dwelling or commercial premises, in case of necessity, in State or municipal institutions.
 ·    Legal advice and support in complicated cases related to real estate.
 ·    Improvement of the condition of dwelling or commercial premises; repair works and supervising of repairs quality; furnishing and interior design.
 ·    Technical support personnel management, cleaning-up and other types of property maintenance.
 ·    Full accounting of income and expenditure of premises, monitoring property’s financial fund, best solutions for reallocation of resources.
 ·    Full accounting submitted to the owner of premises.
 ·    In case of hiring out property management includes all kinds of interaction with tenants, starting from ensuring more comfortable conditions of property lease to monitoring mutual payments and resolution of possible disagreements.
 ·    Planning and implementation of measures aiming to increase profits of premises.
 ·    The main IdealProperty task is to attain the maximum use efficiency of premises in favor of the owner.
We also offer a full real estate keeping and maintenance service in cooperation with the best experts of related fields:
 ·    Supervision and security services of premises;
 ·    Outdoor cleaning: landscape gardening, grass mowing, snow-cleaning, removal of tree leaves and branches.
 ·    Weekly cleaning-up of premises.
 ·    Technical support (fixing and repair works).
 ·    Transport services (shipping operations, delivery, moving services).
Our services will save your time and money spent for property management. We will undertake all worries aiming to ensure comfortable and easy living conditions. IdealProperty employees will react quickly and punctually to your requests or complaints, providing you with appropriate support.